American Museum of Biblical Archae

Museum of Biblical Archaeology

About the Museum

Mount SinaiThe Concept:
The Museum of Biblical Archaeology will be a new national public museum devoted to the history, culture, and people of the land of the Bible. The state-of-the-art facility will include Ancient Near Eastern artifacts, important archaeological discoveries, and interactive learning stations.

The Collection:
Ancient BibleOur organization has possession of one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive private collections of ancient Biblical artifacts. The collection consists of pottery, coins, jewelry, manuscripts, idols, weapons, and dozens of other types of archaeological relics. The entire collection includes several thousand pieces representing all relevant Biblical eras dating from ca. 4,500 BC to ca. 600 AD.

More than fifteen Ancient Near Eastern cultures are represented in the collection, with archaeological finds from Byzantine, Egyptian, Greek, Israelite, Persian, and Roman societies.

The Team:
Archeological DigOur organization includes many of today’s leading Biblical archaeologists and scholars, in addition to well-known statesmen and stateswomen. The Advisory Board contains Dig Directors from prominent excavation sites, respected specialists from academia, business leaders, and other dignitaries necessary for the project’s success.

The Museum:
Water MillThe facility will offer guests a premium museum experience, with presentation theatre, lab rooms, comprehensive research library, and glass-walled curator’s center for public viewing. The museum will also include interactive and virtual educational components, as well as re-created period structures like Bedouin tent dwellings, various Biblical era houses, an ancient synagogue, agricultural machinery, and a Galilean fishing boat. Through an exacting replication process, the facility will also offer an opportunity to enjoy well-known monumental archaeological discoveries currently housed in other museums throughout the world.

Museum plans also call for visiting guest lectures, symposiums, internship program, bookstore/gift shop, and a children’s Archaeology Explorer’s Club. Not only will the museum showcase a stunning world-class collection, but it will also function as a research center for scholars, an educational facility for students, and an entertaining learning experience for children.

Traveling Exhibitions:
Fish & Loaves MosaicDue to the professional and academic standing of our Advisory Board, the museum will host some of the world’s most exciting mobile exhibitions.

Bring to Life:
The Museum of Biblical Archaeology project will enable tens of thousands of annual visitors to experience the wonders of the Holy Land – without leaving American soil.

Interactive—educational—entertaining—engaging—provocative: features all woven together to bring life and historical context to the great Biblical stories, personalities, and places.

It will be a universal center for cultural and educational programming—the only museum of its kind in all of America - where the civilizations of the Ancient Near East are brought to life from the dawn of recorded history to the early Christian Era; an interactive time capsule for visitors of all ages and faiths to tour the various galleries discovering the wonders of the ancient cultures and their fascinating interrelationships. A confluence of rich, historical past with an awe-inspiring modern day presentation of entertaining appeal.

Lifesize Reconstruction:
Museum galleries will display authentic period structures literally created by painstaking reconstruction in genuine size and scope. Actual full-size dwellings, for example, will be presented in sequential chronological order so that a visitor will experience a virtual walk-through-time.

Unifying Mission:
The museum will promote peace and unity by bringing together divergent peoples of the world seeking to understand and embrace the cultural heritage of the Middle East. The museum, by design, will nurture the advancement of international cooperation within the context of a harmonious environment.